The Appsmakerstore WHITE LABEL

We believe that a mobile App for any organisation should be affordable and easy to manage, with no need to hire costly and time consuming IT developers. As most App functions needed by an organisation have already been created, so why spend money and time to create something that has already been built so many times?

The Appsmakerstore White Label Program allows you to offer Apps to your customers using the Appsmakerstore platform. The White Label is branded with your company logo.

We provide ready made, beautiful industry templates with all the functions you need. You can easily adjust content, add your branding and update the App whenever you want. It’s easy to do and has been designed for anyone to use.

We can build the App for you, the client can or do it yourself for them!

White Label - Appsmakerstore

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Why White Label?

  1. 100% in your branding and name
  2. Multilingual, Global, Award winning and Mobile cross platform into our 6 years in business.
  3. Set your own pricing that will be paid directly to you.
  4. You don’t need to worry about development as this is all taken care of by us.
  5. You can start selling today!

How does it work?

  • Simply connect and create your landing page using the Gadgets provided.
  • Set your own prices; all the money you make from your customers goes to you!
  • You can develop Apps for customers using the Admin Panel that we give you.
  • 15 Apps included, then just fixed cost per App per month.
  • You and your customers can update the content of your Apps as many times as you want.
  • We give you a Control Panel where you can see all your users, logs and see payment history.
  • All functionality included.
  • We will publish your first App for FREE!

Customers reviews

Sigurd J. Øglænd

Sigurd J. Øglænd

Apps are just genial and easy tools for a number of uses. One app serves as customer support tool for electronic devices, - and the users have everything they need. Another is used on a training course in negotiation on university level and substitute a lot of paper. Afterwards, the users always have their “negotiation handbook” with them. Other apps are used in service organizations keeping track on club members, programs and organizational stuff. One of the most valuated and appreciated features is that apps are automatically updated.

Van D. Richardson

Van D. Richardson

The new reseller interface allows me to showcase the ease of app development under my own brand. People like easy to use portals and the white label allows me to do it! is now on mark to expand its services by partnering with AppsMakerStore. Thanks!


How long is an Appsmakerstore White Label contract?

To make it easy we offer yearly and monthly agreements. If you sign up for a monthly agreement, the contract length is one month and we will automatically bill you on a monthly basis. If you sign up for a yearly agreement, we give you 2 MONTHS FREE and the contract length is one year. You will be automatically billed on a yearly basis.

How do I cancel?

There are no cancellation fees you can cancel your White Label at any time. Monthly plans won't be charged the next month and yearly plans won't be charged the next year. We hope you won’t cancel, so we have 24/7 support to help if you need it!

Do I need web hosting in addition to my White Label account?

No, Appsmakerstore provides a complete hosting solution for our reseller plan.

Can Appsmakerstore build my Apps for me?

Yes, please contact your KAM for details on pricing.

Will I get training on how to use the system?

Yes, we will never leave you alone. Full learning will be given on how to get started and maintain your customer base. You will also have your own KAM (Key account manager) that will follow you up personally.

Will I have access to all the functions that Appsmakerstore has?

Yes, you will have full access to all current and new ongoing functions that is added to our platform.

Do I need to give access to my customers to edit their mobile Apps?

No, that's really up to you. Some like to keep that function hidden from their clients and instead do it for them/charge for it.

How can I access my clients?

In the white label program you will have your own super admin. Here you can read full log over your client's activity and impersonate account where you easily can do changes for them instead of asking for their passwords etc.

How will the payments from my clients work?

If you run your white label also on the internet like we do, the payments will go directly to your merchant account. We support several payment options like Paypal, Stripe etc.. But you will need to have a seller account there to have the new payment profiles and payments going to you. You are also free to set your own pricing, but you can't set lower than Appsmakerstore.

Others with either current or consultant based relationship with their clients prefer to invoice their clients or take payments directly from them. For us either don't matter as this is really up to you.

Can I add new languages if you don't support mine already?

Yes, we can give you full translation for any new languages added. In fact we will give you 2 months free if you translate to a new language and give you an extra 2 per year if you also keep it up to date for us.

What about marketing and training?

Your key account manager will keep you up to date with the latest at all time. Ask if there is specific areas that you focus to go over case studies.

Will customers now that it's Appsmakerstore powering my White label?

No, it will be fully in your name all the way.